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In Sahyadris, How much meters do you climb from base village to top

How much climb in meters you actually climb in Sahyadris during your trek?

I have measured heights of base villages in Sahyadris through Altimeter  and by using GPS device from Garmin which is the most trusted device and also from my altimeter app on Lumia Windows Phone.

My Procedure was as follows
     1) You know the height of the mountain in Sahyadris from mean sea level(Information available in many trek related books and over internet). Record it.This is reading A             
     2)      Reach the base village and take the Altimeter readings(B).This is the reading of base village altitude from mean sea level.              
      3)      Now do simple mathematics of (A-B) and you get the actual climb
This actual climb is what you climb in your trek from the base village to the top and this you know even before you climb
Here are few readings which I took recently in some treks treks in past 6 months to 1 year as well as some data I had previously collected.Based on this,I have 

Mountain Name
Height in meters from mean sea level(A)
Height of Base village from mean sea level(B)
Total climb from base village to top(A-B)
1646 meters
Bari village 797 mtrs
850 meters
Kalsubai(From Udadavne)
1646 meters
Udadavane 680 meters
960 meters
1297 meters
Ratanwadi 650 mtrs
647 meters
Patta Vishramgad
1392 meters
Pattawadi 1000 meters
392 meters
Chondhe Ghat
700 meters
Chondhe 180 meters
520 meters
1471 meters
Kulangwadi 380 meters
1100 meters
 1567 meters
 Waghambe 650 meters
 917 meters
Ajoba Parvat
1375 meters
Dehne 205 meters
1170 meters
1403 meters
Kumshet 620 meters
783 meters
1532 meters
Shirpunje 720 meters
812 meters
1520 meters
Shirpunje 720 meters
800 meters
1198 meters
Shirpunje 720 meters
478 meters
Harishchandragad(From Pachnai)
1429 meters
Pachnai 830 meters
599 meters
Harishchandragad(From Khireshwar Malshej)
1429 meters
Khireshwar 710 meters
719 meters
Harishchandragad(From Belpada Malshej)
1429 meters
Belpada 198 meters
1231 meters
Nane ghat(From Konkan)
867 meters
Vaishakhare 350 meters
517 meters
Nane ghat (from Junnar)
867 meters
Ghatghar 800 meters
67 meters
1176 meters
Ghatghar 800 meters
376 meters
1267 meters
Amboli 700 meters
567 meters
1171 meters
Hatwij 750 meters
440 meters
Ahupe ghat(From Konkan)
1150 meters
Dehri 200 meters
950 meters
Ahupe ghat from Dimbhe
1150 meters
Ahupe 1000 meters
150 meters
629 meters
Dehri 200 meters
429 meters
982 meters
Narivali 180 meters
802 meters
1003 meters
Narivali 180 meters
825 meters
1005 meters
Khandas 100 meters
905 meters
Bhimashankar(From Pune)
1005 meters
Bhimashankar Temple 930 meters
75 meters(Nagphani point)
985 meters
Bhorgiri village 870 meters
115 meters
1295 meters
Palu 900 meters
395 meters
1247 meters
Hedruj Khind 1000 meters
247 meters
1275 meters
Hedruj Khind 1000 mtrs
275 meters
829 meters
Pachad 400 meters
429 meters
1398 meters
Rairi 750 meters
645 meters
1370 meters
Narayanpur 800 meters
570 meters
1396 meters
Paali 950 meters
445 meters
Rajgad(From Gunjavane)
1396 meters
Gunjavane 800 meters
590 meters
1406 meters
Velhe 770 meters
630 meters
1298 meters
Donje 820 meters
478 meters

Still more to come

Surprisingly you find interesting facts

1) Bhimashankar,Siddhagad etc are 1000 meters above sea level but still you climb around 800 meters in your trek whereas Rajgad Torana etc are having height around 1400 meters, but yet their climb is around 450 to 600 meters

2) Harishchandragad from Belpada in Konkan is the trek offering highest climb around 1200 meters from base village to top followed by Ajoba Parvat and Kulang.These trek takes around 4 to 11 hours of climbing.Same is the case of Ratangad and Dhakoba from Konkan(total climb of these treks is not mentioned from konkan yet) 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Raireshwar from Dharambe-Kankwadi Tiger route(वाघ दार)

Raireshwar from Dharambe-Kankwadi Tiger route(वाघ दार)

Raireshwar (1398 meters) is a big vast spread table top mountain of 16 kms length and 2.5 kms wide which is 6 times larger than Panchgani table land

रायरेश्वर चा इतिहास जर आपण बघितला तर छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज जेव्हा १६ वर्षांचे होते तेव्हा त्यांनी स्वराज्याच्या आपल्या सोबतींच्या मावळ्यांबरोबर हिंदवी स्वयाज्याचा स्थापनेचे एक शपथ घेतली होती .ती शपथ ज्या ठिकाणी घेतली होती तेच हे स्थान म्हणजे रायरेश्वर

Location of Raireshwar
Raireshwar is located in Bhor taluka of Pune district and since it is a very long mountain hence there are many base villages from all directions
It can be approached from Bhor and Wai
From Bhor,there are many base villages .The easiest route is from Ambeghar->Korle and from here,there is a motorable road(it is not a tar road) from korle village till ladders.From ladders,it takes hardly 20 minutes to reach the top

From other base villages, you need to climb around 500 to 600 meters(Almost equal to Torana) and takes time around 1 hour to 2.5 hours.The other base villages are Rairi(रायरी),Kankwadi(कंकवाडी ) ,Dharambe(धारांबे) , Dhanivali(धानवली)
From Wai, Raireshwar can be approached from Kenjalgad
Raireshwar can also be approached from Konkan Poladpur Taluka through Kamtha ghat(कामठे घाट )/Aswal Khind(अस्वल खिंड ) parallel to Varandha ghat but the route is difficult and also in this regions, Bears and other wild animals are present.This route is not used because there are no villages for almost 10 kms in the forests.Mostly Raireshwar is trekked till Nakhind point(नाखिंद टोक ).Beyond that,  Bears and other wild animals rule

Our route
We choose Dharambe village near Nigudghar on the Varandha ghat route.From here,Raireshwar is around 600 meter climb.

From Nigudghar,we left the Varandha ghat route,took left,crossed the Nira river bridge and took the road to Durgadi which is on the other side of Nira Devghar dam wall and parallel to Varandha ghat road.8 kms from Nigudghar,you will see vast  spread Raireshwar to your left and on an sharp turn, an arrow pointing towards Dharambe village.From here, take left and go towards Dharambe village(1 km) .You can park your vehicles near ZP school in village

From the school, next there is an temple and few houses below,from these houses,through bamboo plantations, you have to take the route and further at the end of bamboo plantations,you have to take left.This route is the Tiger's route(वाघ दार ) to Raireshwar .There is no possibility of missing routes .In any case,you loose your route, always follow the water pipeline route till the final climb.Just before the final climb,when the forest becomes more dense , you have to leave the pipeline and take left .Follow this route in forests and you will reach a flat plateau with dense forests.From here, walk 1 km in the forests, you will reach the village on top.on top, plateau, there are around 50 houses of local Jangam people.Further,from these houses,200 meters walking distance is the temple at Raireshwar

People here do farming for 8 months totally on rain water , rice,Nachani and wheat(Kalyan Sona variety).Water available here is ample.There are water tanks which supply water to Rairi,Kaari,Kankwadi,Dharambe ,Dhanivali by pipelines.

Nandgaon Village Nitin Kudle's House

Nandgaon village

Dharambe village the starting point of Raireshwar trek


Route Till Halfway

Always follow these pipelines till a certain route

Dharambe village left far behind.Backwaters of Neera Devghar dam and the Varandha ghat seen from here

Raireshwar Top point seen 

Rairi village seen below

Long Long Trek.We have climbed more than half way till here.Now climb more around 200 meters and then walk to the end point as seen in the picture 


The final climb.From here, leave the pipeline towards your right and proceed towards your left in the forests

Final climb.आता तुम्हाला समजेल कि याला वाघ दार का म्हणतात .या अश्याच जंगलातून २ कि मी चालायचे , कड्यातून वाट काढत तुम्हाला माथा गाठायचा आहे . चुकून वाघ आलाच तर पळायला जागा पण नाही या जंगलात  
Village on top of Raireshwar..शेवटी एकदाचे पोहोचलो गावात 

हेच ते मंदिर जिथे शिवाजी महाराजांनी स्वराज्य स्थापनेची शपथ घेतली होती