Sunday, October 30, 2011

Torna Reloaded

As I said before,I was just able to reach Torna fort top last time but was not able to see the whole fort.
Here are complete details of fort
Well this time,I climbed the Torna fort in just 1 hour and 15 minutes and that too walking at the speed of tortoise hence I did this trek almost nonstop.Only a 5 minutes break.
Well at Velhe the base village,I met 2 more trekkers Amit Sisode and Dr Ranjit who already did Rajgad previous day,halted there and next morning came to Velhe.

I reached Velhe by around 10:30 am and thereafter I started climbing around 11:00 am and reached the top around 12:15 pm.
Once you reach the top,there is very much to see.
Once you enter the second entrance door, there is one temple to the left called Toranjaai mandir.It is believed that Shivaji maharaj found gold coins at this place.Next is a water tank having good drinking water and there are 2 houses nearby for accomodation.
There are total 4 water tanks on Torana but the one which is near the tree has got clean water.The other tank ahead of Mengai temple is also good but very less amount of water
Further there is a temple of Mengai Devi the main godess of this fort
Mengai Devi temple is a center point of Torna.Towards your right from this temple,you have a way going towards Budhala Maachi through Kokan Darwaza
Also from here there is a way going towards Rajgad.It takes around 4 to 6 hours to reach Rajgad from this point
Left of Mengai devi temple is the Torna's highest point and the way going towards Zunjar Machi
Back side of Mengai temple,the way takes you back to the entrance door and further to Velhe
Hence Mengai devi temple is the main landmark hence in case of loosing the way on fort,always remember that this temple is the center point of the fort.
About Machi
Machi or Wings are the fortification walls built on the fort so that the soldiers can easily traverse from the sides of fort plus from all sides,watch can be kept on enemy movements
 You will find such fortification walls on Rajgad,Torna and Purandar and many forts

Zunjar Machi:It is the fortification wall to keep watch on any movements from eastern (Rajgad,Purandar) and North side(Sinhagad) 

Budhala Machi:This fortification wall is located towards South side to keep watch on movements from Rajgad and from Konkan side
Also from here,you have a path going towards Rajgad.It is one of the difficult route with a long and exhaustive walk.

Torna fort was used by Shivaji Maharaj to safeguard the royal treasure because Torna is definately a difficult fort even today so imagine,how much difficult will it be in those days hence it was not possible to reach the fort easily from Velhe side due to high security from Zunjar Machi
Also from Konkan side it was not possible to reach this fort due to security at Budhala Machi

The easy way to Reach Torna and get the treasure was from Rajgad and since Rajgad was the capital of Hindavi Swarajya that time hence it was not possible for anyone to reach Torna from Rajgad
So if anyone wants to get till the treasure,the only way was through air.That time there were no aircrafts hence
Torna that time was like a safety deposit locker where the royal treasure was safely deposited.

Torna is the eagles nest where eagles dare to enter

Here are the photos

                                                   From top of Torna fort

                                                  Inside the Mengai Temple

                                                  Myself at Kokan Darwaza at Torna

                                                     Myself at Budhala Machi Torna

                                          View of Rajgad Nearby Budhala Maachi

                                                Way to Budhala Maachi on Torana

                                           Connecting Ridge of Torna with Rajgad(Left)

                                       Budhala Maachi view.The left side ridge connects to Rajgad

                                             Kokan Darwaaza on top of Torna to go to Rajgad via Budhala Maachi

                                                  Mengai Devi Temple on top.

                                       View of Zunjar Maachi to keep watch on East side of Torna

 These photographs are taken from Nokia 3110c mobile hence not that much clear(Only 1.3 Mega pixels)

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